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Herb Bouquet (and a lovely surprise)

3 Jan

I finally got around to spending some quality time with my herb garden.

I’ve really enjoyed having an abundance of Basil, Coriander, Thyme, Parsley  and Vietnamese mint at my disposal. But with the weather we’ve been having lately, hot days followed by episodes of torrential rain – the garden has totally boomed. (you’d be forgiven for thinking Melbourne had vacated somewhere tropical to drink cocktails and get a tan)

As a result my beautiful herb garden has become a little overgrown. I was too embarrassed to take a before shot – this shot was taken after some real serious pruning. It still looks like some kind of herby wilderness!

I’ve made enough Pesto to feed a small army and eaten copious amounts of Fresh Tomato and Basil salad but I can’t keep up. So I got to thinking…. what’s a quick and easy way to share this harvest with my nearest and dearest.

A herb bouquet – something that’s perhaps been done a million times before but it was a first for me. I was quite happy with how it turned out. It smelled incredible and if you cross your eyes and squint a little bit it almost looks like an actual bouquet of flowers!!

While I’ve got you I  must say a big shout out thank you to Hollie @ Too Beautiful for Earth for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. So unexpected and such a lovely surprise!

Going by the rules of this thing – here’s 7 things you may or may not know about me….

1.  I’ve worked for the same company for 9 years – which seems to be a bit unusual these days. Long service leave is just around the corner! *exciting times*

2. I’ve watched the entire series of The West Wing twice and plan on giving it a third run through in the near future – pure television brilliance.

3. I grew up in Adelaide and moved to Melbourne as a teenager. Although Adelaide will always be very dear to me Melbourne is now my home.

4. I have what I feel to be an irrational fear of ghosts. Especially considering I’ve never actually seen one. I get unexplainedly teary just listening to someone telling a ghost story. I can’t explain why, I’ve felt this way for as long as I can remember. I’d love to know for sure that ghosts aren’t real (at least in the scary-haunting-people-and-freaking them out sense) but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion they are.

5. My partner Scott and I dream of one day living on a big property and becoming reasonably self-sufficient – not 100% self-sufficient but as much as we can manage while still having a life!

6. I have been keeping a sourdough starter alive for 9 months now. I make my own bread each week and have only bought bread once or twice (in dire emergencies) since learning how to bake it myself – something I’m a more than little bit proud of!

7.  My partner and I bought our first home together 2 and a half years ago – easily the biggest, best, most incredibly fun adventure I’ve ever been a part of. So many good times.

And now for the 15 blogs I most admire, am inspired by and that give me a giggle –

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