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Love your Local

29 Oct

Ok, this might not be as much of a revelation to some as it will be to others – but it was definitely a revelation for me.

My local library is incredible. Seriously.

If this post results in one person getting out there and exploring their local library I will be a happy lady.

For me, the craft section alone is worth the trip. There’s a tonne of  books showcasing an amazing array of activities, all that I can delve into at my leisure without parting with a single coin.

(That is unless I return them late – but so far so good. Must be a grown up thing. Years ago there were times I couldn’t afford to go the library because I didn’t have the money to pay the overdue fines – thank goodness for the after hours “book chute of shame”!)

I’ve often driven past my local library and thought it was a tiny little place that surely couldn’t have much that would interest me. How wrong I was!

It turns out my local  is part of the Eastern Regional Libraries group. Might not sound like exciting stuff but it is.

It means  I can go online and have access to all the books, cds, and dvds that exist at 13 branches plus 3 mobile libraries!

That’s a lot of borrowable material.

You search for the books you want on the website, put them on hold and they then deliver them to the library of your choice – free of charge! Fantastic value.

Today’s haul included

  • a book on fruit trees for my fruit tree obsessed other half
  • a book on slow cooking for my 36 week pregnant sister who’s planning to slow cook then freeze her little heart out for the next few weeks.
  • a stand mixer cookbook – for me!
  • at least half a dozen craft related books – also for me!
  • season 4 of Mad Men
  • season 3 of Food Safari
  • and 5 audio CD’s

Pretty good for just half an hour of my saturday morning.

Not to mention the bonus rush that I used to get buying books – without the guilt!

It’s win/win all round.

On a serious note, with so much  day to day activity like shopping and socialising now occuring online it’s a wonder some people leave the house at all!

Despite this, the local library has obviously moved with the times – and is thriving! In addition to the convenience of being able to reserve and renew books online, the library also provides a great range of services in-house.  I already look forward to taking my soon to be born nephew to visit the childrens section of the library – it’s just gorgeous. With story time for the youngsters, book chat for the adults and even gardening and photography classes the library really does have something for everyone.

Love your local library – it’s a fantastic community resource that everyone can enjoy – and it costs nothing. Quite a rarity in this day and age.

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