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Crochet Little shoes – Take Two

16 Oct

Not wanting to be defeated by my (oversized) first attempt at crocheted booties – I’ve had another crack at it.

Still after something slightly modern looking, I found this pattern online – cute aren’t they. Like little mini sneakers!

I don’t tolerate lengthy projects well.

I’m a great starter. Completely gung ho. The finishing bit I struggle with.

But I found this pattern do-able in one lunch break plus a couple of hours after work which suited me perfectly.

Ta da!

Only one slight problem – there’s no heel. I’m really hoping my nephew has heels – two of them actually.

My search for cute and modern, well fitting booties continues.


Big Booties

1 Oct

My love for crochet continues. (I may even buy the t-shirt)

In the interests of furthering my skills I took a break from my granny square rug this week and went in search of a crochet bootie pattern. With roughly 8 weeks to go till my nephew arrives it’s time to get cracking.

I think my father saw this coming.

When I first started learning this new craft my Dad decreed at the outset – no grandson of his will ever be made to wear anything crocheted.

But booties are just so cute! Maybe he won’t notice.

Look over over there Dad while I sneak a pair on the little guy.

After a bit of online searching I found a suitable looking pattern. I pretty much understood what they were on about and felt reasonably confident in giving it a go.

Martha Stewart Crochet Baby Booties

But not all booties are created equal. I wish the picture or pattern had something to indicate the actual size for those like me who only skim read instructions. (Note – instructions clearly outline that the booties are 4 inches in length – good for a newborn bigfoot perhaps)

Half way through crocheting the sole it became apparent that at a stretch these booties could almost fit me! Not really the size I was going for. Big booties might be popular in modern day film clips but not on your average newborn.

So I decided to unravel my work and start again – still following the pattern but halving the recommended number of stitches. Not actually sure if this is something you’re supposed to be able to do with a crochet pattern but oh well!

I’ve heard people say they just ‘whipped up’ a pair of booties like that! Took me one evening on the couch to complete one, which for my first attempt I didn’t think was too bad.

Only problem is – it’s still waaaay too big. Here’s another shot – indicating the size it ended up.

I’m a realist.

I know I’m only going to get away with dressing him in crochet booties while he’s a a newborn and has no say in it (and while Dad is distracted). I tried this particular bootie on a friend’s 1 year old – it was a little on the big side even for him. *sigh*

So it’s back to the drawing board. I’ve narrowed my google search and looked for a pattern specifically for newborn booties and found this – Sweet potato booties.

On the plus side I’ve thoroughly read the instructions this time and at least I’ve had some practice!

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