Granny Squares – not just for your nanna

18 Sep

About two years ago I taught myself to knit watching YouTube videos. It was a reasonably successful venture – I learnt to cast-on, knit, pearl and cast off. I’ve since knitted two scarves, and one beanie. The beanie was a complete fluke. I’ve tried to knit the same pattern a second time and it was a dismal failure. I’ve begrudgingly accepted that I’m never going to be a natural at this knitting business.

* I say pattern like I can actually read patterns – hah – reading anything like patterns, music or recipes (thoroughly) has always been a bit beyond me.

I currently have a couple of craft related stumbling blocks. I love wool, but I can’t really knit. I love fabric – but I can’t really sew.

It’s quite frustrating.

So I decided to bite the bullet and do a proper course – Spotlight’s 4 week introduction to crochet!

The idea of attending an actual course appealed to me for a few reasons. I jump at any opportunity to learn something new especially if it involves making stuff. And though I’ve never been to one, something about ‘stitch n bitch’ nights really appeals – in a gossipy getting together with your girlfriends type way. I hoped that this course might be a bit like that.

I wasn’t disappointed.

At times I think there’s more laughs than learning going on but that works out just fine. The class has a really casual atmosphere where everyone learns at their own pace. Our teacher Josette is lovely and obviously very good at teaching crochet to all levels.

One thing I’ve found particularly appealing is that when you stuff up a stitch (as I’m currently inclined to do fairly often) it’s relatively easy to fix! If I drop a stitch knitting it normally involves undoing a heap of rows and then struggling to get all the stitches back on the needle the right way. The only projects I could ever really finish were the ones where I didn’t make any mistakes. Doesn’t happen all that often – no surprises there!

I think I can safely say I’ve found my crafty niche. Crochet seems to be something I’m reasonably ok at. The concepts and stitches themselves have been easy to grasp – and my crochet projects subsequently very hard to put down! I’ve started taking my crochet to family dinners and weekend bbqs. I crochet during my lunch break at work. It’s bordering on obsession at the moment.

Outside of class can be a little lonely though – crochet is surprisingly unpopular in my usual social circles. I’ve certainly copped a bit of friendly ribbing from my nearest and dearest – but I don’t care! I’m having fun and making things and that’s what counts. Plus there’s always next term. My current classmates and I have already decided to sign up for the same class a second time – for the learning and the social aspect.

Us crocheter’s have to stick together!

Here’s a shot of my current crafty work in progress – the good ol’ fashioned granny square. I’ve used colours I hoped would give it a bit of a modern feel. Not everyone I’ve spoken to thinks these colours actually go together but it was the best I could come up with in the 10 minutes after class before Spotlight closed. At the very least it will certainly be bright and cheery!


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