The Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book – an old favourite is back – again!!

10 Sep

I can’t say I remember many of the cook books around the place when I was growing up. I’m sure there were some. I vaguely recall a Margaret Fulton Microwave Cookbook. Perhaps because when we first got a microwave sometime in the mid 80’s it was a super big deal! I recall all the grown-ups being very  impressed (if a little apprehensive) in the presence of this Jetsons- like advance in cooking technology.

But ask anyone of that era about the ‘book with a train cake on the front’ and they’ll know exactly which book you’re talking about.

This book rocked the 80’s birthday party. The publishing details show this book has been reprinted 15 times since its first edition back in 1980 – twice just this year! I love that something so classic is still so popular.

I remember pouring over this book, having lengthy discussions with my cousins.

Which was the best cake?

If it was my birthday right now which cake would I want?

Lucky for us we had an adventurous lady in our lives who actually made these dreams come true!

(Thanks Auntie Beverley Joy-Bells! – so many good memories)

This caterpillar cake was so loved it got its own poster!

It’s interesting to note, my taste in birthday cakes haven’t changed – I still think the swimming pool is the best!

I wondered who these guys were at first – I sure don’t remember them. But then I noticed in the fine print that a few newbies have been included. I don’t mind the echidna – he might even be a new favourite. He sure looks yummy.

I’m going to be an aunt myself at the end of this year – which is something I am massively excited about!

My Auntie Bev certainly set the  bar high – I may have to get practising and make a few of these cakes on a trial run basis. Any takers for taste testing?!


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